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The Waddell Name

Black's Book of Scottish Surnames" considers the surname "Waddell" (and spelling variants) to have originated in Scotland. This seems supported by date references in English and Irish surname directories that date listings after the 1200's when the name had already been established in Scotland. No clan affiliation, (other than from normal inter-marriage), is known. The name derivation appears to be "locational". One report associates the surname with "Wedale", an early name for a parish in Midlothian, near Edinburgh, (later renamed "Stow"), which in turn is believed to have originated from a combination of a Norse word (wedd) and an old English word (dael). This "name" was said to identify a resident of a valley location "where the woad (wood) grows" and who eventually became known as a " Wedale", or literally, "the man from wood valley".

Burke's General Armory lists three Waddell Coats of Arms - two English and one Scottish. No dates are given so it is not known which has seniority, or even if they were divisions of the same family. It is not established if the Scottish Coat belonged to Sir Thomas although the evidence of his "writ of passage" might imply he had the necessary royalist sympathies. In modern English, the description of the Scottish Coat is: A "St. Andrew's Cross, checkered gold and red between four silver buckles". Above the shield is a crest consisting of a red lion's head on top of a knight's helmet with the visor closed. The translation of the crest insignia is: "A lion's head jagged". Other than the family surname, I have no known connection to this Coat of Arms.

Family mottoes are frequently associated with a Coat of Arms and are believed to have originated as battle cries during medieval times. The Latin motto associated with this particular Waddell Coat of Arms is: "ORNA VERUM", and is translated into English as: "Adorn the Truth".